KCH Fit4Life Running Club is a programme for all runners whether you are a complete beginner or a regular jogger/runner. It aims to help achieve improved levels of fitness and wellbeing in a club structure, thus making exercising a more fun and socialable experience.

Why Join KCH Fit4Life Running Club

By joining KCH Fit4Life Running Club you are participating in coach led sessions where each individual is grouped according to ability with others of the same ability. Taking part in coach led sessions helps prevent plateauing and boredom as every week offers a brand new challenge.

Each week you will find a progression in your level of fitness and ability. There is a progression from walking to running.

You don’t need to be experienced runner to join KCH Fit4Life running club.

Advantages of Group Training

Research shows that people who train in a group environment are more likely to stick with this activity.

Group running is great for motivation, knowing on that cold wet dark winter’s night that there is a group getting warmed up on the track for a session is great for encouraging you/motivating you to put your gear on and get up and run!!!

By running with others it keeps you moving, it motivates you to keep going and push yourself harder than what you might do if you were training on your own.


Running is an incredibly social sport. By joining a club it is a fantastic opportunity to make new acquaintances and if you are luck lifelong friendships while exercising. Yes it is possible to chat with run, the fitter you get the easier it is….. just maybe not on the speed sessions!!!!


Sticking to a programme brings about results. What are the results, you are fitter, healthier version of yourself. After a while that 5K run you have seen advertised locally is something you can do….then it’s a 5K, before you know it you are signing up for a 10mile road race and like many of our KCH Fit4Life members you may even decide to go for it and run a marathon!!!