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Nov 17 Gold on The Stook


Gold all the way for Cathy Millett in today's Stook. Cathy performed one of her feature races to be rewarded with three firsts - first lady in county, first over 55 and lead scorer on KCH first placed team. Other team members were Kate Millea and Joya Burns. Other 10 milers were Kate Sugrue, Maura Curran, Catherine Phelan, Anne Marie Shortall, Niamh McCullagh, Martina McGrath. Best for the men was Graham Bourne second county man home and gold in the over 40 category. Noel Sugrue, Eoghan O'Shea and Philip O'Hara completed the men's team which was awarded the bronze team [...]

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Nov 15 Students Pass Regional Test


Today was major cross-country day for college students across the US as Regional Finals were held across the continent. Our two scholarship athletes passed with distinctions! Aoibhe Richardson representing San Francisco college competed in the West Region at Colfax Washington. Needing a high individual placing she did just that. Finishing fourth overall she was first individual as 1st, 2nd and 3rd were "captured" as scoring on successful teams. Peter Lynch running with the Tulsa Hurricanes at Stillwater Oklahoma was also in the "distinction" category. Peter placed sixth overall and was second finisher on the Tulsa team which for the first [...]

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Nov 09 Leinster Unevens in Ferbane


ALL our athletes filled us with pride at the Leinster Uneven Ages cross-country in Ferbane today. This was real cross country. Arriving at the venue we crossed a style and journeyed some 400m infield to come to the course which had hills, ditches and muddy gaps. Thanks to Noel Maher we had our tent errected close to the starts and of course great shelter from the passing showers and cool winds.  Our under 9 girls - Emma Kelly, Amelia O'Brien, Jasmine Timmons McAneaney and Alicia Slawinski  - were first off. Then came the under 9 boys and Daire O'Flaherty used the [...]

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Nov 03 Big Numbers in Castle Park


The weather changed during todays cross-country in the Castle Park. We started with fog clearing to overcast conditions to a brief sunshine period to rain. It wasn't only the weather that changed. Just before the official start there was a mass movement from the front field to the back field as OPW regulations required. But very quickly tents were re-erected, finish chute re-positioned, alternative course mapped out and a busy competition got under way. The Harriers had big numbers taking part - many juveniles and probably the biggest number of seniors taking part in county cross-country. And it wasn't just [...]

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Nov 01 American Conference XC


Tulsa University continued their impressive performance in the American Conference XC in Memphis, Tenesee today. Five team members packed all the way through to cross the finish line in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th with just one and a half seconds between 2nd and 6th. Peter Lynch was fourth in 24.12.62. 

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