Lots of people complain and give out when they hit the big four-zero but not Brian. Brian has taken it in his stride and went from strength to strength. Work-life balance is never easy and it’s worse when your work is a farm and you’ve done your forty hours by Wednesday night, after being up all night calving cows or looking after new-born calves. Then go and throw in a full weeks training on top of that and you’ve really pushed the max. Well, that’s what Brian has done in the last few months. He’s a dad that runs at the highest level and has the family dairy farm to operate as well! With all this, you’d wonder how he does it but he does! Breaking records left right and centre starting with the National o40s 5k record on February 15th in Armagh finishing in a time of 14.21. Then on to the CPCP Loop Den Haag for The Hague Half Marathon running an incredible 65.50 or 3.07 a km to break the Irish o40s Half Marathon record by 44 seconds. Brian took on the Great Ireland 10K along with club mate Toss Hayes on a wet day in the Phoenix Park which incorporated the national 10K championships. Finishing 2 seconds behind Great Britain’s Oliver Lockley Maher claimed the national 10K title in a time of 30 minutes and 20 seconds. To finish the successful start to the year Brian was voted the April KCLR David Buggy Sports Star for the month. A fantastic achievement for Brian and all the commitment he puts in. Brian is, without doubt, an asset to Kilkenny City Harriers with no favour to big an ask Brian will do what he can to support the club. Over the last few months what Brian has achieved really does prove that age is but a number and if you put your mind to something you can juggle everything and get where you want to get and do what you want to do with the right mind frame and help when needed. Now that we’ve looked back at the last couple of months, let’s look to the future, excited to see what comes over the next period for Brian Maher keep an eye out for him!